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Bobby Singer Comment-Fic Meme

I asked vanillafluffy if this was okay and the answer was yes. I haven't started one of these for years, so apologies if it's all a bit slapdash.
Bobby-centric Comment-fic Meme
(Graciously hosted by singer_salvage)

(if anyone wants to make a better graphic for this, go for it, and let me know)

Pimping code:



-Prompts must be Bobby-centric, obviously!

-If you have an aversion to any specific type of fill (Gen, Slash, Het, Crack, Angst, Death, Non-con, etc) please specify this very clearly in your prompt so as not to get something that will upset you.

-Prompt as many prompts as you want, but please fill as well or it all falls apart.


-Any form of fill (fic, art, vid, fanmix, icons) is acceptable unless specified otherwise by the prompter.

-Title your fills with "FILL: [Title] [Rating/Pairing or Gen/Warnings]" to make them easier to find and compile in the index.

-Clearly note the rating, whether the fic involves a pairing or is Gen, warn for gory or disturbing content, abuse, sexual content etc.


-No character-bashing. No wank. No spoilers for unaired episodes. Play nice! :-)


It’s Tough, Being a Librarian. (GEN, G) by teardrop_tattoo, (for claudiapriscus's prompt: "A secret order of librarians plot revenge on Bobby for numerous crimes against libraries. Their attempts on his life go wrong, very wrong. (Does he even notice the attacks?)")
Summary: Sometimes, even the most elaborate and best-laid plans can go wrong. And then there are plans like this.

[Untitled]. (GEN, PG-13 language) by verucasalt123, (for thegeminisage's prompt: "Why was it that Bobby aimed his gun at John? Did he miss the boys at all after the fallout or did they keep in contact anyway?")

ETA JAN 18, 2013 - I've closed the post to new comments sent anons to screen and have turned off notifications due to insane numbers of spam comments this post gets, and because turning off comments hides them all (O.O). PM me if you fill something on this post and I'll add it to the list.
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