moviegeek03 (moviegeek03) wrote in singer_salvage,

Children for a Lesser God 6/?

Title: Children for a Lesser God 6/?
Author: moviegeek03
Rating/Warnings: pg-13/Violence and language
Wordcount: ~3000
A/N: I should be working on all my challenges that are due in the near future…but this idea wouldn’t leave me alone, especially after You Make my Heart Melt got a nice response.
Summary: John has planned on taking his boys out for a camping trip for some relaxation and training, since Sam now knows about the Supernatural world. However, days before the trip, Sam falls ill with the flu and stays at Bobby's so that Dean can still go on the trip he was so looking forward to. While there, Sam meets one of Bobby's customer's who has lost everything and is desperately searching for a way to get it all back. An ancient book of Bobby's and young Sam may just be what he needs...unfortunately for Sam.

The hunters all turned towards the now cracked door, silently waiting for the doctor to let them know how their baby was. Dr. Harvey looked tired as he glanced at each of the worried faces of the family in front of him. He took a deep breath before launching into the details on Sam’s condition.
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