Applesauce Parker (apgeeksout) wrote in singer_salvage,
Applesauce Parker

Takin' No Lip From The Night Before

Title: Takin' No Lip From The Night Before
Author: [info]apgeeksout 
Word Count: 950
Spoilers: 7.02  Written prior to 7.03 on the theory that Show would take a different tack; I'm going to pretend the opening scene happened this way instead.

Sean Mills must have been a runner.  Or a swimmer.  Or at least a man whose main exercise didn’t involve chasing down spell ingredients and dodging hexes.  His dark suit is a passable fit through the shoulders and the pants are neither too long nor too short, but Bobby’s not too proud to admit that he could use another inch or two in the waist.  Everything fastens, but he’s breathed easier.
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