Nobody's laughing now (lavinialavender) wrote in singer_salvage,
Nobody's laughing now

The More Unholy Things I Do by lavinialavender

Title: The More Unholy Things I Do
Rating: R
Word count: 15,771
Pairing: girl!Dean/OMCs
Spoilers: none for canon; preseries, AU
Warnings: Please take note of the following: underage prostitution, assault, attempted sexual assault, violence on women, and some pretty earnest self-hatred, all of which may be very triggery for many readers.
Summary: This is a story about a bad situation becoming worse. This is a story about what happens when a couple kids left on their own are faced with no good choices, and the wrong choices lead to worse consequences. Then there’s the aftermath.
Bobby-feature: Small spoiler -- the aftermath is at Bobby's house, and he is exactly what the kids need, as always.
Author notes: All the thanks in the world to brosedshield and whereupon for multiple looks at this over the years and stellar feedback.

The More Unholy Things I Do
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